Electroplankton was first shown quite a long time ago, in fact as an initial demo to show off the touch screen. The title has been created by a Japanese artist called Toshio Iwai, blending visuals with music to converge a truly creative experience.

"With Electroplankton, the Nintendo DS becomes both an instrument and an interactive music visualiser. The software features 10 different types of aquatic creatures that you can interact with using the touch screen and your own voice (or even the sounds around you) to create impressive audio-visual works of art.

Slide the stylus to create mysterious melodies with Tracy plankton, spin Lumiloop plankton to create haunting humming sounds, tap out rhythmic beats with Beatnes plankton and record real-life samples with Rec-Rec plankton. With Electroplankton, you can make a masterpiece in minutes!"

Recently sold exclusively online to US gamers, the Electroplankai will be coming to Europe this week, but will be available in real life stores from July 7th.

We'll try and catch a copy shortly and of course, let you know what we think.

[via electroplankton.nintendo-europe.com]