The latest issue of Famitsu contains information about new DS title starring none other than Tingle from the Legend of Zelda series of games. From what we can tell, the game will be an RPG.

Details are extremely thin on the ground, the title of the game is "Mogitate Tingle Bara Iro Rupee Land" which roughly translates to Fresh Tingle's Rose Coloured Rupee Land. However, we're quite sure Nintendo's english title will be slighly different.

"You're guided through the game by a bloke called Rupeeji ('Old Man Rupee'), who tells you to collect a load of rupees and chuck them into a magical spring. Then you'll be transported to Rupee Land and turned into Tingle.

"You also get a bit of help from Pingle, a fairy type who communicates with you via a TV in your house. As you explore Rupee land, you'll have to hand over cash to the local inhabitants to keep them happy, and to pass through toll gates."

We've heard the game is due out later this year, but no confirmed release date as yet. You can see a full magazine scan from the boys of JeuxFrance.com.

[via eurogamer.net]