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Nintendo To Disrupt Game Pricing

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Iwata isn't happy with the game games are priced, he thinks game price range should be more dynamic.

As reported by, during a recent media briefing Satoru Iwata slammed the games industry calling its high pricing of games before reductions in later months a "an unhealthy product cycle".

"We believe that each software should have its own price point depending on its volume, theme, contents or energies and time spent for the development, namely, the development costs, once the suggested retail price is announced, we should stick to it."

Nintendo have already shown that they are willing to release titles at prices that match the product, Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain? was launched at the "budget" price of £19.99 in the UK earlier this month.

"If the suggested retail price of any and all software is marked down in 6 months or 9 months, the customers will learn the cycle and wait for the discounting, which will simply aggravate the decreasing sales of new software."

Excellent news for Nintendo fans, our shorter but creative titles could retail significantly lower while epic titles remain at current price points. It is fair to expect Nintendo to keep its "best of" ranges for games as they reach a more mature age.


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Phill said:

We've heard this before though, haven't we? Remember when the N64 died (R.I.P) Iwata claimed GameCube games would retail for £20 and under. That certainly didn't happen. Not trying to be dismissive, and their idea to allow independant games developers to release software thorugh the Wii online for budget pricces is genius! Phill



antdickens said:

I think there were a few Gamecube titles that released for budget prices, but lets wait and see what they do with Wii, I think there is a genuine reason to release cheap games for the less epic titles.. the creative, innovative ones that don't last 30 hours.



ReInstall said:

If the DS is anything to go by, with Brain Age being releases as a budget title, it's looking up!
I don't mind paying £40 for a game that will last a while.

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