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Nintendo Monopoly

Posted by Kevin Cortez

That's right, Nintendo now has their own Monopoly board. It's about time if you ask me.

Thanks to USAopoly, Monopoly: Nintendo Collector's Edition, will now come to Nintendo fans from all over at the retail price of $35.95. Coming in July, the board will feature characters that you can buy instead of actual places. The figurines you can play with also show off a lot of the game. The figurines you get include Mario's hat, a Donkey Kong barrel, Link's boots, Link's Hylian shield, and a Koopa shell.


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Masterless said:

It would have been so much better if the properties were actually that and not characters. Hyrule Castle should be Mayfair etc. And the pieces should be characters. Shame.



Visor said:

Yea I agree with Ryan, the idea sounded interesting as the title. But when I read into it, buying characters? That's just so stupid. I would've bought it otherwise

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