After causing quite a stir earlier this year with the announcement of a black & white title for Wii, unknown developer Nibris have announced a new title for the portable DS console.

"It’s a title which is going to change the current image of a vertical shooter as a meaningless, arcade game which only tests the speed of player’s fingers. It is a title which is going to present how big potential, which was not used so far, his kind of games has. It is also a game which through relation to the classics, innovative original solutions, and extensive storyline is going to make playing it an experience one of a kind," says Marek Okoń, game designer.

The games developer also claims this title to be one of two in the series, with the second to be released on Wii.

"Considering the genre of the game, the scenario is really extensive with the story taking place throughout almost 3,000 years; spreading over 6 dimensions related to Earth and putting the characters before choices consequences of which we will have to bear.

Everything starts when in Peru the archaeologists reveal an artifact of unknown origin. The knowledge it carries enables travelling in time, quite unique though. According to Deutsch-Everett theory, which describes temporalist’s paradigm, travelling in your own time line is impossible. We can, however, go to past or future of Earth in a different dimension, and observe how the history of mankind developed there."

Interesting, Nibris so far have been a breath of fresh air in the industry and seem to be onto some good ideas. We'll keep our eyes on both projects by the Polish developer and see if they can deliver.

[via nibris.net]