Business watchers GamesIndustry.biz have revealed that production of the DS Lite is to be stepped up 25% in order to match global demand.

"At present, the firm turns out around 1.6 million hardware units a month - but with 2.5 million units sold in Japan alone this year, and the hugely successful DS Lite version set to launch in the USA and Europe shortly, this figure needs to grow."

Current worldwide demand for DS Lite is set to be huge, Nintendo is sure to sell out of DS Lite machines for at least the next six months.

"Nintendo is targeting 2 million units per month output by the end of summer, according to a Bloomberg report this week - but if the DS Lite proves to be as successful elsewhere in the world as it has been in Japan, even that may not be enough."

Whilst some analysts were originally unsure about the "redesigned" portable, sales have been fantastic. Although the original DS could well be dead, the DS Lite is instant global success.

[via gamesindustry.biz]