Recently reported by IGN, the games master himself Shigeru Miyamoto revealed to CNNMoney.com the reason behind the name change, from Revolution to Wii.

It's been nearly a month since the original Wii announcement, its probably one your not going to forget. Wii admit, even one month on we've not got bored of playing on the name. But how does it fit with you? Do you friends laugh at you when you said your getting a Wii? Although some of us are still a little confused as to the final choice of name, we can respect Nintendo's decision.

Miyamoto admits he really liked the name Revolution, and at first wasn't sure about the new title. "When we first thought about it, myself and others felt that the name Revolution was very appropriate to what we were doing," he said. "But [Revolution] is a name that was almost threatening to non-gamers. It wasn't acceptable. So we thought this was more friendly and inviting."

We get the impression that everyone Nintendo loved the name Revolution and would also agree its a great name to describe what the system is trying to achieve.

Therefore, if the new name helps Wii become a worldwide success, so be it.

[via uk.revolution.ign.com]