Today Nintendo of America have announced that they will be offering a bundled free DS Rumble Pak for those who pick up Metroid Prime Hunters. You may remember this accessory from games such as Metroid: Pinball.

"The accessory fits into the Game Boy® Advance cartridge slot and delivers good vibrations to immerse players even further in the smack-talking, morph-balling, Wi-Fi multi-playing Metroid action that Nintendo DS owners are raving about."

They go on to tell us all how good the game is and why we should buy it.

"Since its March 20 launch, Metroid Prime Hunters has impressed players with its beautiful graphics and deeply engaging game play. Six new bounty hunters, Wi-Fi multi-player action, voice chat and intergalactic rumblings in the palms of players’ hands make this a bold and distinct chapter in the epic franchise."

Nintendo told us that free Rumble Paks with Metroid Prime Hunters purchase are now available at select retailers for a limited time and while supplies last.

As for those of you in Japan or Europe, there are currently no statements to suggest the same will happen in your territory, however we sure hope to see it.

[via nintendo.com]