Star Fox Takes Command

The Official Nintendo Website renames the upcoming Nintendo DS space shooter from Star Fox DS to Star Fox Command.

One of the few surprises at E3 this year was the announcement of Star Fox DS. Nintendo only provided us with a snippet of information about the game and no official title.

It seems now that Nintendo's official .com website has been updated with the title Star Fox Command and a estimated release date of August 28th 2006.

Star Fox Command puts players through a branching set of missions in the familiar Arwing fighter. There's also multiplayer co-op and competitive game modes for up to four players on the Wi-Fi Connection, or eight players locally. Co-op mode will also allow a player designated as team leader to plot out a course through the level using the system's touch screen.

We're really looking forward to some good ol' fashioned Arwing action on the DS -- and don't forget those strong rumours of a Wii Star Fox in the works.