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Original DS - No More?

Posted by Kevin Cortez

According to Japanese retailers, Nintendo has stopped supplying them with shipments of the original Nintendo DS model.

Good news for you collectors out there. Japanese retailers now believe that Nintendo may be done supplying them with original Nintendo DS models. Apparently Nintendo has done nothing but supplied them all with Nintendo DS Lite models for stock. Now that the the original DS has been cut off to retailers, does this mean that Nintendo will stop selling original models? Nintendo has not confirmed this yet, so this is all speculation right now.


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antdickens said:

Hmm.. well I guess it makes sense... why manufacture the old model when the new one surpasses it in every way?

I can't think of a reason to own a normal DS over the DS Lite.



Masterless said:

How many people would want an old model? It's not like the Lite has problems and the original is better; we are not talking movies here.



KingKRool said:

Actually the GBA slot is kinda bad since the cartridge sticks out...other than that, it's all good.



Hosain_H said:

Well, the GBA slot won't be much of a problem in the future, nintendo are making most ds add ons in the gba slot smaller.

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