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Opera Wii

Posted by Anthony Dickens

IGN talks to Opera's Scott Hedrick and tries to uncover some facts about the web browser for Nintendo Wii.

IGN managed to squeeze some questions in the general direction of Opera for Devices' executive vice president, Scott Hedrick. He had quite alot to say about the general partnership with Nintendo.

"Opera is a full Web browser for desktop, mobile and devices. We use our same desktop core to run on non-traditional devices, often with constrained resources. Opera is able to provide Nintendo with a full functioning Web browser, customized for Nintendo and working within any limitations the device presents. We are also able to use the device's features, whether dual screens or an innovative remote control, and incorporate these features into the browsing experience. I think that Nintendo quickly found that Opera was really the only browser that could meet and exceed their expectations in terms of speed, functionality and innovation. We are also very like-minded companies, placing the user experience first and ensuring that our products are not exclusive but rather inclusive, no matter age or gender."

IGN probes for more information about the browser, how will it work without a keyboard? will it play videos? what version of flash will it use? etc.. But of course, the polite Opera employee had little to say apart from "I can't comment on that".

All in all, this interview doesn't provide many answers. However, one passage at the end suggests to us that the Opera browser might be included with the hardware.

"As Nintendo touts Wii as "always connected" it is natural that a browser should be a part of their strategy, as a gateway to the Web. I believe that Web technology will increasingly be a part of the gaming experience, whether it's live content being pushed onto games or you're just checking your Web mail while playing Mario Kart. We're seeing access to the Web in more and more places and in more and more ways, it was simply a matter of time before it spread to game consoles. It's extremely exciting for Opera that our emergence in the gaming market is through Nintendo. We are honored to be working with such a leader in this industry."

Of course, we'll report more as and when we find out more details.


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The_Stig said:

Ooo didn't know it was going to web browser. I'd feel right at home if it was using Firefox though =)



antdickens said:

Although I prefer FireFox on the desktop, Opera is the obvious choice for the Wii, there are no other companies that offer a browser for mobile devices.. seems Opera are doing a great job



Full_Metal_Chemist said:

I agree, with Firefox it is the extensions and themes that really make the browser.

Opera is well known for its abilty to handle the smaller screen sizes well, though having tried it out on desktop I do prefer the Firefox.



antdickens said:

Yeah, its certainly more popular on mobile devices... Not that I've installed it on my smartphone yet >_<



Nanaki said:

If they have keyboard compatibility that will rock, otherwise I wont use the feature



Masterless said:

I've always been excited about this. I never though about it in conjunction with the wii but now it seems unseperable.

I use Opera on desktop; I prefer it over Firefox hands down. With Opera's handheld experience I know this will be perfect.



James2t3 said:

Yeah I use opera on my computer seems to hog less resources than Firefox.

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