Recent article posted on IGN suggests that the official documentation supplied for Wii developers confirms that the system will not support Dolby Digital 5.1.

"There is a single proprietary audio/video jack on Wii and users have the option to plug in different cables depending on their preference. According to developer documentation, Wii owners will be able to insert a composite, S-video or component audio/video cable into the jack, but all three come standard with stereo left and right channel audio cables."

Anyone whose actually heard the difference between DD5.1 and Pro-Logic II will be disappointed with this news, quite alot of gamers were hoping for digital output in this latest Nintendo console. However, all hope isn't lost.

"It's important to note that the Wii hardware is not final and therefore a Dolby Digital solution could still surface in the months to come, but that being true, it's not encouraging that official documentation seems to dismiss the option."

Although it won't effect alot of gamers, the Wii's lack of HDTV (for more obvious reasons) and Dolby Digital will certainly turn some gamers away.

[via uk.revolution.ign.com]