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Nintendo Wii Classic Controller

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Nintendo leak an image of an unmentioned SNES like controller named "classic" in today's E3 Press Pack.

Today, Nintendo held its pre-E3 press conference, after the speeches pretty much everything was covered and included in the digital press pack the Big N issued on the internet.

However, one image was completely unmentioned, an image of a Nintendo Wii controller dubbed "Classic" in the filename. The controller is in the classical SNES shape and layout, but also has additional analog sticks making it total the same number of buttons of the Gamecube controller.

We assume this controller will be an optional choice for gamers and geared towards the Virtual Console system, obviously as and when we know for sure we'll let you know right here.


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Masterless said:

I'm not too sure about this, sure its nice to have something that resembles something in our past, but things do evolve, just as controllers have since the SNES in terms of comfort and ergonomics. Is this step-back, a step in the right direction? Or is our vision clouded by our childhood affections?



Nanaki said:

Well a bit of both probably ^^'
The pad seems like a nice design and it has analouge so its not like only retro games will be played on it. I think its so great to have all those classic games on the Wii along with a whole host of new ones.

If you want to talk about the evolution of a controller, ask Sony

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