Wii all expect the Wii to do pretty well in the US and EU, but almost accept that it's not going to out gun the 360 or PS3 from the off, its just something about the Western market that saddens me, the so called "PlayStation generation" that only buy games that 1) have extreme violence or 2) have extreme violence.

Anyway, the Japanese market is much more difficult to predict as support can often jump ship between console generations. IGN have reported on a survey in recent issue of Famitsu, the influential Japanese magazine.

Responding to the question of which hardware has their greatest interest, 68.8% said Wii. PS3 grabbed 21.0%, ahead of Xbox 360's 7.2% and the DS's 3.0%. All hardware, current generation and next, was included in the survey. A bit more directly, Famitsu asked survey takers which hardware they expect to win the next generation race. The Wii won this vote at 73.0%, with PS3 coming in second at 22.6% and Xbox 360 getting 4.4%.

The Wii a clear winner on both questions, this should pose as great news for Nintendo. A strong home market launch for Wii would really boost the console worldwide and reiterate Nintendo's dominance of the market.

Lets all hope this consumer interest turns into sales later this year.

[via uk.revolution.ign.com]