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Miyamoto To Talk To Kotaku

Posted by Kevin Cortez

Kotaku will be featuring a video interview with Shigeru Miyamoto next week concerning the Wii and DS connectivity.

Gaming weblog, Kotaku, will feature a video interview with Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto about Wii/DS connectivity next week, along with the Wii information.

Miyamoto says that the connectivity is already built into the Wii, and the DS will be able to connect wireless with the console. Miyamoto says that he and his team would consider "using the touch screen and microphone input from the DS to affect Wii gameplay," and "downloading content from your Wii to your DS, editing it, and then uploading it back to the console."

Shigeru Miyamoto also stated that the price of the Wii would be revealed sometime before September's Tokyo Game Show...maybe it could be on Kotaku? Dating and pricing details was extremely vague.


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Masterless said:

I don't think Nintendo expected the DS to be so popular. The dropping of Gameboy2 and the fact that they are not sure of all the linking to Wii details both show this. So many different controllers for the wii now, theres so much potential that I think the wii will outlast both other consoles. There would be no need to make a new next next gen console really.

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