Earlier today IGN.com reported information about the recently announce Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. The Retro Studios developed game is set to become the first Metroid Prime launch title and will be available along side The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess on day 1 of Wii.

After talking to Retro themselves, IGN uncovered some facts about the third Samus adventure, including the lack of online multiplayer gaming which will come some what as a disappointment to some fans. The game will also see some other changes from the previous Metroid Prime game.

"Retro Studios also confirmed that Metroid Prime 3 will depart from the light and dark world setup introduced in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and instead feature large areas to explore on multiple worlds. Though Samus will use her new gunship to travel between planets, players hoping to pilot Samus Aran's new gunship may be disappointed to hear that they will not be able to pilot the ship themselves. Travel between areas likely occurs only in cutscene form. That's not to say that the ship doesn't feature a large role in the game, however. Retro hinted at a new visor mode that lets Samus command her ship from the ground. For example, she can use the gunship uplink to blow up obstacles in her way and gain access to new areas."

Whilst revealing quite alot about the gameplay and controls, Retro are keeping somethings to themselves such as which Visors and Beams will be available in the final game. Retro will be hard at work to make sure they "leap" the franchise into the next generation arena.

[via revolution.ign.com]