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Duck Hunt Wii?

Posted by Thomas Bowskill

The current E3 rumors seem to indicate that Nintendo may well be revealing a Wii version of the classic Duck Hunt.

Duck Hunt seemed one of the most logical games to have on the Wii, in fact all scope games would work well. It's not known whether this is the original working on the Wii controller or a brand new game entirely.

I am sure more details on this title will emerge later in the day and lets hope its part of some sort of scope compendium.


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antdickens said:

Haha, not so sure about this one, I guess it's totally possible but wouldn't the game kinda be very short and repeatitive?



RocDaMike said:

WOW. I remember playing this game on the Nes with the "Zapper Light Gun". It was really boring.



Nanaki said:

yeah it would be a bore on its own... but I still think if they had a compendium it would be pretty cool.



antdickens said:

Just been reading around the web, seems that this title is actually very likly to be announced! Haha, we'll have to just wait and see what they've done with the idea



Visor said:

Maybes it's just the NES version on the virtual console taking advantage of the rev remote?



KingKRool said:

This isn't a rumor. This is true. IGN reported it's going to be playable Wednesday...oh SNAP! That's today! Well later on today, Duck Hunt will be playable at Nintendo's booth...which leads me to another story of mine...gonna post it now. IT WILL SHOCK!

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