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Capcom Developing Resident Evil For Wii

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Capcom have announced an exclusive Resident Evil title designed specifically for Nintendo Wii

Capcom have today announced that a new Resident Evil is in the works, except its not Resident Evil 5. It's a new Resident Evil game that will be specifically tailored to the Wii control system.

The Japanese giants are keeping the details very short at the moment, we don't even know the full title of the game but at least they're admitting to its existence!

The Gamecube saw a commitment from Capcom with all Resident Evil games being released within the consoles lifespan, however the recently announced Resident Evil 5 was not targeted at a Nintendo console.

Does this mean Capcom are back on board with Nintendo? Lets hope so.


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RocDaMike said:

This can only be a good thing. Let's hope this installment rivals its predecessor.



Nanaki said:

Well lets just hope its a proper game and not one of the Dead Aim titles



antdickens said:

I'd actually like to see a Resident Evil game using the Wiilight Gun, but obviously a proper classic Resident Evil aswell.

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