Another unexpected title for Nintendo Revolution is "Sadness", set to be a gothic horror title in a pre-war noir style. Announced today by Polish develop Nibris, Sadness will be screened in good old fashioned Black & White.

"Such a gutsy choice is just the beginning for Nibris. Rather than focus on fast action and a high body count, Sadness will focus on mood -- one "which will not leave you till the very end of the game" -- and themes such as schizophrenia and narcolepsy. While Nibris mentions super-stylish film Sin City as one comparison, the company says Sadness will take place pre-World War."

Nibris are keeping their cards close at the moment and not releasing further information just yet. However, we do know that the developer expects to exploit the new controller.

"Imagine driving away rats with a torch, throwing a rope (as a lasso) when you want to climb over the wall, or slitting the throat of a persecutor with a piece of glass... All of this with the help of the Revolution controller."

It's very refreshing to see developers genuinely excited about the Revolution, lets hope Nibris manages to get this unique title finished and released, the last thing Nintendo needs is Vaporware.

[via uk.revolution.ign.com]