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Red Steel Screens!

Posted by Kevin Cortez

A German video gaming site has posted some brand new screenshots of Red Steel, a game for the Nintendo Revolution. has posted some brand new screenshots of Red Steel. Check them out!



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Nanaki said:

Katana biit looks cool.

What I really am hoping for is that they will let this be an online game. That would be ace!

Also another thought... how will strafing work in Rev FPS's?



James2t3 said:

You straf with the Analouge stick would you not? using it like the WASD keys the use the pointer to look around.



antdickens said:

Yeah, I think that would be the obvious way to do it if your using the wand to decide your view and for turning.. Metroid Prime will have the same kinda setup too.



Nanaki said:

Nah ReInstall, its a double handed Katana and the main hand is always the one closest to the hilt.
Ubisoft dont recognise sub-humans much ;P



KingKRool said:

You know what I thought when I saw the top screen? "Wow, that looks like clay..."



James2t3 said:

Is it just the magazine cut outs or are all of those images in 16:9? Hopfully that along with Progressive scan and Dolby digital they will be standerd features

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