GamesIndustry.biz have reported on an interview between Satoru Iwata, current Nintendo President and MTV.

"Recently I have gained a little bit of interest in getting more involved in game development again. However at present all my spare time is take up with preparing speeches."

Remember now young ones, Iwata is actually the man who helped create the Kirby and Earthbound series of games whilst working for HAL Laboratory in the 1990's.

Iwata went on to defend the number of sequels Nintendo releases for popular franchises such as Mario Party, stating:

"We have a very large fanbase of people who expect to see sequels to those games. It is our responsibility to meet the expectations of that fanbase, but in doing so, the one thing we absolutely focus on with every one of those sequels is finding ways to innovate within that franchise."

Iwata also explained the other side of the coin, quick sequels aren't always the answer.

"If all we were to ever do is just continue to make sequels and not do anything new or different, people would view us as a very conservative company and a company that is unwilling to really take new initiatives and embark on new adventures. That's not the type of person I am and not the kind of company I want Nintendo to be."

True, true. Good news all round.

[via gamesindustry.biz]