Forgotten about this already? Don't worry, Nintendo have reminded us all that this summer will be about Brain Training. They've launched a mini-site dedicated to the Brain Age title set to launch in the US imminently.

They've gone for the oh so original brainage.com -- even our staff members won't have trouble remembering that one. The site is packed with information about the game and also offers abit of a FAQ for those that don't really have a clue about this one.

Essentially Brain Age will test your brain in a variety of tasks, these are supposed to stimulate all the parts of your brain and act as "exercise for the mind". The European Brain Training is set to release in June.

All of you that suffer from that "what happened last night feeling" should certainly consider picking up Brain Age, it just might work for you. Oh and don't forget to... hmm.. What was I talking about again?

[via brainage.com]