As always the Europeans get the latest games games latest, Nintendo have released Wild World on the DS, the latest in the Animal Crossing line. If your frustrated by the amount of violence and restrictions in today's video game, maybe Animal Crossing is for you, here's what Nintendo have to say about it.

"Today people across Europe will be settling down to enjoy a second life as Animal Crossing: Wild World launches across Europe. Japanese sales of Animal Crossing: Wild World have rocketed past the 2 million mark, continuing the success of the Nintendo DS and reaffirming Nintendo's position as leader in the handheld market. From the makers of Nintendogs, which itself has sold approximately 6 million units worldwide, Animal Crossing: Wild World utilises Nintendo's newly launched Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service, allowing Nintendo DS users to play each other across the globe.

Animal Crossing: Wild World, offers gamers entertainment without restrictions as they are given the freedom to live the life of a new resident in the world of Animal Crossing. Players must explore their new town, take part in daily chores and make friends with their animal neighbours, all of which is set in real time using the Nintendo DS's internal clock. The touch screen provides a new level of interaction within the game, such as hand writing letters and designing complex patterns for clothes.

One of the key features of Animal Crossing: Wild World on the Nintendo DS is the multiplayer gameplay, this makes use of Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection service, which already has over 1 million unique users worldwide since it launched in November 2005. Players can travel to friends' towns via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection or Wireless Multi Card Play providing the opportunity to meet new characters and exchange rare items. Building friendships while visiting can also entice a creature to move to the player's town. These two multiplayer modes give players the flexibility to choose how and with whom they play Animal Crossing: Wild World.

This 'feel-good' title seems to have inspired dedicated gamers around the world as Animal Crossing websites and online communities have sprung up across the globe, paying homage to the world of Animal Crossing."

Keep with us, we'll no doubt have a review posted pretty soon.

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