Curious George Harrison recently sat down with US magazine Game Informer, who quizzed him about the upcoming Nintendo Revolution. Harrison suggested we should expect around 20 launch titles for Revolution.

"You've got to deliver software, not just at launch, but you've got to deliver software in the first six to nine months after launch. In GameCube, we didn't have that, we had kind of a drought for six months after it launched. By that time your reputation starts to solidify and it's hard to reverse that after a while."

Disco George then explained that around two thirds of them coming from third party developers and publishers.

"While Nintendo has traditionally been the most important supplier of software for its own consoles, the company's emphasis on the speed and low cost of development for the Revolution seems to have paid off to some extent, if Harrison's claim that two thirds of the titles launched with the system will be third-party is correct."

Harrison also suggested that new methods of marketing may be required for Revolution, saying that "we may instead focus on showing gamers actually using the different functionality of the controller".

Nintendo's last two consoles have suffered from third party support, however the model this time does look like it could be in favour of Nintendo, developing a title for Revolution should be alot cheaper than PS3 or Xbox 360.

[via eurogamer.net]