Cast your eyes back to the "Platinum" range of PlayStation titles, giving you the best games at the best prices a few years after the original release. These strategy has been adopted by the industry as a whole, all the major consoles have had "Best Of" ranges at budget prices, usually $19.99 (or £19.99 to us in the UK).

Microsoft have decided to take this one step further and release a best of the best range entitled "Best Of Platinum Hits" for its Xbox console. This puts the very top selling titles on the Xbox at only $9.99, by anyone's standards that's a bargain!

We're not sure if this move will continue onto the Xbox 360 (once it has some "Best Of Platinum") or perhaps it deems its Xbox as "retro" and wants to shift some extra stock.

Either way, we'll hopefully see the other big guns copy this idea and all sell those extra cheap games for the people that missed out on them the first time around. With the Revolution being compatible with Gamecube games, it would make perfect sense for Nintendo to release a extra budge range to get peoples collections upto speed.

[via xbox.com]