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Revolution To Support External Hard Drive?

Posted by Anthony Dickens report comments made by Iwata indicating the support of external hard drives in additional to SD cards.

With recent news regarding Revolution's "Virtual Console" people have began to question what storage method the console will support. We're already aware that SD cards will be supported, its a very affordable solution and provides pretty good capacity.

In an interview with, Satoru Iwata, the Nintendo President was questioned, but of course replied with the usual answer; we'll find out at E3. However he did offer some insight.

"The Revolution has 512 MB of flash memory, allowing for some initial storage space. The system also has a slot for SD memory cards, which are widely used in digital cameras and can hold a greater amount of data. Most importantly, Iwata mentioned, were the USB ports that are built into the Revolution "so practically any storage method can be used".

Which would certainly explain the reason behind USB ports. We'd already questioned their presents after being shown at GDC last week. SD Cards are also a very realistic answer for most gamers, buy a 2GB card for roughly the price of a game, and you've got yourself 2.5gb in total. That's more than enough space for a huge amount of Virtual Console roms, even the larger N64 titles only weigh in at around 32mb.

If the Revolution supports standard USB2 external hard drives, they're onto a winner for the end user. There might however be slight piracy concerns over supporting 3rd party hardware via the USB ports.


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James2t3 said:

All good if true, being flexible about the storage should be good for the consumer.512MB wil probably be more than enough for the non gamer, More bang for your buck storage space wise witha HDD and you can always have a 1GB SD card for taking saves around with you instead of lugging a HDD.



ReInstall said:

Yeah, why have all the consoles in the past used their own proprietory memory cards, why not just use cards that are already out, with bigger sizes!
The PSP has led the way here, with Memory Stick compatibility



antdickens said:

Yeah, it kinda made sense with the PSP because Sony already have their own proprietory memory cards

Nintendo using SD will be the first proper 3rd party format support.

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