EuroGamer report on an article in this months Nintendo Power magazine talking to Takashi Tezuka, the director of Super Mario World and producer of New Super Mario Bros. title, who says, [it] "is set to be a return to form rather than a radical departure".

"When developing this game, I really had the original Super Mario Bros. in mind. After that game, Mario evolved, of course, but it eventually became more difficult and suited more toward hard-core gamers. That wasn't the intention, but that's how the series naturally evolved. I didn't want to continue in that direction. That's not to say this game isn't for hard-core players, but I want to recapture the spirit of the original Super Mario Bros."

It's great to hear developers talking in the same language we're thinking, don't you think? Anyways, New Super Mario Bros. is looking great, taking the classic 2D Mario we all miss and bringing it back with some 3D overtones. Great Stuff.

You can read the entire article over at EuroGamer.net

[via eurogamer.net]