Namco Bandai have released information that they are working on a Point Blank title for Nintendo DS. This popular franchise has already had numerous success's on PlayStation and the Arcade. Essentially it consists of 2 player mini games, all of which involve shooting something to gain the most points.

Obviously there isn't going to be a light-gun attachment for DS, instead the game will be slightly reinvented to make use of the touch screen. We've heard the game premise will be much the same, with 4 levels of difficultly, going upto "Extreme" and will feature at least 40 different mini games.

The style of mini-games will remain intact aswell, as you shoot the likes of cardboard ninjas, clay pigeons, cave men, plates, bombs etc. The game will also feature multiplayer action from a single game card, up to 4 players.

The game is set to release this summer, we'll no doubt have screenshots and a review later in the season.