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Namco's Point Blank Comes To DS

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Popular Namco franchise for PlayStation and Arcade makes its way onto the Nintendo DS

Namco Bandai have released information that they are working on a Point Blank title for Nintendo DS. This popular franchise has already had numerous success's on PlayStation and the Arcade. Essentially it consists of 2 player mini games, all of which involve shooting something to gain the most points.

Obviously there isn't going to be a light-gun attachment for DS, instead the game will be slightly reinvented to make use of the touch screen. We've heard the game premise will be much the same, with 4 levels of difficultly, going upto "Extreme" and will feature at least 40 different mini games.

The style of mini-games will remain intact aswell, as you shoot the likes of cardboard ninjas, clay pigeons, cave men, plates, bombs etc. The game will also feature multiplayer action from a single game card, up to 4 players.

The game is set to release this summer, we'll no doubt have screenshots and a review later in the season.

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