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Miyamoto Webcast Online

Posted by Anthony Dickens

British Gaming Blog uploads a full transcript and video of this rare broadcasted interview with a living legend.

Miyamoto has been extremely busy in Europe this past week, as we earlier reported he would take part in a telecast interview with website, where gamers would be able to submit their own questions to the man behind Nintendo success.

UK based British Gaming Blog yesterday made a copy of the interview available on its website, along side a lengthy transcript of the interview.

"Miyamoto did his webchat at today, the prerecorded (presumably earlier today) video is streaming on the site but streaming video is a bit silly sometimes, and it’s nice to be able to download it. So, we’ve captured and uploaded it so we’ve got the entire video for download."

Obviously we're not into stealing the download link, or the transcript, so we'd suggest you head over to the Miyamoto Webchat: Download it now! article and check it out for yourself.

The video is 25 minutes long and weighs in at around 49mb.


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Nanaki said:

Well I think its safe to assume 10's of thousands of questions were asked ^^'

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