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Tetris DS Video's

Posted by Thomas Bowskill

New gameplay modes shown as you get to see this cult classic remake in action...

IGN have gotten hold of 3 new video's for the upcoming Nintendo game Tetris DS.

What is interesting is that they show how some of the gameplay modes play:

One video shows the grounded blocks being moved about to clear lines (by use of touch screen most likely), this is an interesting concept for the game.

But if thats not for you there is still the opportunity to move them before they have landed in the games classic mode, its not really that different from the original asides from Mario getting a-pizza of the action in the background.

There is another one where blocks come from above and below, not too sure how this one will play... it could even be a multiplayer mode.

Anyway, enough speculation, for now just enjoy the video's.


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Masterless said:

"Mario getting a-pizza of the action" - Haha I'm not sure if thats clever or just mozzarella (cheesy). Tetris though does need more depth to it. I know its a simple puzzle game but it has gotten a little old.

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