Well at least that’s what website MCV (who are renowned for their weekly trade magazine) reckons:

MCV understands that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is set to unveil some key details regarding the enigmatic next-gen Revolution console at the Games Developers Conference in March.

It seems that these issues won’t address the specifications of the machine and it is questionable whether they will confirm a price yet. As it is a GDC the chances are that the information will surround opportunities for the developers. The Revolution is going to be the easiest next-gen console to develop on according to Nintendo, so maybe we will hear more about that?

The truth is no one knows what will be told because Nintendo are notoriously good for keeping information close to their chest, don’t go getting too excited.

In March we may know a bit more but for now everyone is very much in the dark.

[via mcvuk.com]