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Reggie Speaks, We Listen

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Reggie has once more told us nothing, but promises we'll know all come May.

Nintendo are notorious for keeping there lips tightly sealed when talking pre-game for new ventures. We know quite a lot about Revolution, but we don't know everything.

Reggie teased us once more this week, talking to Electronic Gaming Monthly, via EuroGamer he said the following.

"Come [May], we'll disclose a lot more. After, we'll disclose even more, and right about the time of the launch, we'll disclose even more... I'm talking beyond the controller, the virtual console; all the different elements we'll be sharing all the way up to launch."

Damn you Reggie, give us the goods. Wait a second, does this mean that Iwatta's GDC speech won't spill all the beans? C'mon Nintendo, tell us already.


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