Nintendo today announced a TV tuner add on for the Nintendo DS to be available in Japan. With most portable devices, its never long until a TV tuner gizmo comes along, people will always want them.

"The TV tuner add-on will occupy the standard DS game slot, protruding out behind the DS top-screen with an aerial that makes the DS look a bit like a gargoyle out of Snow Crash probably. It's being done in collusion with 1Seg, a Japanese outfit, so if Nintendo does similar things in the US and Europe it's likely to partner with someone else."

Its unknown if we'll be getting a similar device in Europe or the USA. It's the World Cup this year, so lets hope Nintendo get one out in-time!

Also announced at today's press conference was the Opera Web Browser, Japanese release dates for Tetris DS (April) and New Super Mario Bros (May). The DS Lite will launch in March and ship up to 1million units before the end of the month. In sporting news, Konami's Winning Eleven (Pro Evolution Soccer to you and me) will also get a DS outing in 2006.


[via eurogamer.net]