Earlier this week Nintendo issued some statistics about it's Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, the online service used for playing against friends over the internet.

"Nintendo's Wi-Fi gaming service has seen users skyrocket, with more than 20 million connections to the service and over 850,000 unique users worldwide in just over two months since it launched in November 2005."

Not to shabby my fellow DS users. The popularity of the dual-screened handheld seems to be getting stronger all the time, but from the widest of reasons. Japanese craze for Brain Training is just the latest smash hit thats surged DS sales.

Whats more, Nintendo release information about partnerships with European Wi-Fi companies to offer 20,000 hot spots across the continent.

"As part of its ongoing drive to provide free Wi-Fi access to Nintendo DS owners Nintendo has signed deals with major Wi-Fi providers across Europe giving users access to over 20,000 free Nintendo Wi-Fi access points."

Companies such as BT Openzone, The Cloud, Telefonica and T-Mobile are all on board with the handheld revolution.

[via nintendowifi.com]