Nintendo of America recently got Zanthus, a marketing company, to issue a survey on their behalf about the Revolution's "Virtual Console". This survey featured some mock-up screen shots, I know these are ugly but none of it is official so don’t get worried.

What is most interesting to see is that there seems to be a system similar to Xbox live arcade where users purchase or rent games with Nintendo currency. There is also a list of the most likely games that will be available for the Virtual Console, nothing gospel though.

IGN Wrote:

The survey featured eight different mock-ups, each showing different features of Revolution's "Virtual Console" set-up. The questionnaire began at a mocked-up Revolution homepage - possibly the same destination retrieved when gamers press the still-mysterious "home" button on the console's controller. Located on this hub menu are four options, including Settings, Memory Cards, Parental Controls and - the focus of this article - Virtual Console.

As this is a survey none of the information here is anywhere near confirmed, we can only speculate ideas until more details are in. It’s unlikely that any official information will spill until this years E3.

[via classicgamer.com, revolution.ign.com]