Resident Evil has been one of the strongest brands in recent years in the video games industry. First appearing on the original PlayStation, Capcom have announced a 5th outing set to be released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Currently there is no announcement for Resident Evil 5 to appear on a Nintendo console.

Does this mean Nintendo's Revolution wont include Resident Evil? We're unsure, but Capcom's Minoru Nakai, producer for the Resident Evil remake on the Nintendo DS, thinks the new controller would work well with the Resident Evil franchise and has said he's already working on another Revolution project at Capcom.

"Even if the playability of Resident Evil 4 thus remains very led to my taste, we would clearly like to use the potential of the [Revolution controller], because the players could end up wearying themselves of this style of gameplay".

"It would be perhaps more judicious to develop a game other than Resident Evil on Nintendo Revolution, before attacking this series, and this, to familiarize myself more with this new concept, in order to better benefit from the potential of the [controller] thereafter. We [are working] there in this moment..."

It seems likely that the code-named Revolution console will receive a Resident Evil title at some point. However, its unknown if it shall be Resident Evil 5 or an exclusive outing designed specifically for the Revolution's unique controller.

[via igniq.com]