The media giant CNET News.com recently caught up with Reggie Fils-Aime, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Nintendo America, and asked him about the company's plans for 2006.

The lengthy interview talked about various aspects of Nintendo's future, including both the Revolution and Nintendo DS. Our dark lord started with his very own set of new year resolutions, five of them to be exact.

"The first is keeping our eyes on the prize. This industry is about entertainment, and in the end, he with the best games wins. So at Nintendo, we're focused on putting the most entertaining products into the marketplace."

After a small discussion about the price point of Microsoft's Xbox 360, Reggie reiterated the pricing concept with the Revolution console.

"The next-generation console from Nintendo, code-named Revolution, will cost less than $300. Our third resolution is to stop turning away new players. This industry has become more and more focused on the niche, and at Nintendo, we've opened our systems to a wide range of consumers."

Reggie goes on to tell us about the unique features of the DS and Revolution controller and why he thinks Nintendo are ahead of the game. CNET then asks a juicy question about Revolution launch titles.

"That question's a bit premature. We'll be showing a lot of titles at this year's E3, and we think that's where consumers will get a flavor for the full range of titles and the full range of activity that we will have for our launch window."

The Regginator then spanks Microsoft with a bold statement regarding the Revolution launch.

"We will sell more units than Xbox 360 did here in the United States in our launch window. I mean, in December, we sold more GameCubes in the United States than Microsoft sold 360s, and Revolution will do better than that."

You can read the entire interview over at CNET News.com. Reggie thanks you all for listening, he won't be kicking your ass this year.

[via news.com.com]