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Redesigned Nintendo DS Gets Official Announcement

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Those Nintendo guys have fooled us all yet again, DS Lite on the way very soon.

Nintendo has officially announced the rumoured redesigned version of the Nintendo DS, the new "DS Lite" is more compact and should appear on Japanese shelves on 2nd March 2006.

This comes just a few days after Nintendo UK boss David Yarnton dismissed rumours of a new DS design saying, "we haven't got any plans at the moment - nothing I know of". Turns out Nintendo quietly added the pages to its Japanese website late last night -- or early this morning from where they are. Seems were on the money with this one.

"DS Lite will come in at 133mm wide, 73.9mm high and 21.5mm deep, as compared to the proportions of the original DS which was 148.7mm wide, 84.7mm high and 28.9mm deep - which in real terms, means that it's 42 per cent smaller than the original DS."

The weight of the DS has also been shaved down around 50g to 215g in total. It's not been confirmed yet if the screens are in fact smaller than the original DS, we'll have to wait for the full specifications.

Noticeable changes are:

  • 42% smaller, 20% lighter.
  • The microphone will now be positioned between the two screens on the hinge.
  • Power button has been moved to the side.
  • Selectable brightness levels.

The new design certainly seems to reflect the Revolution style, the buttons and d-pad look very similar to those on the Revolution controller. Perhaps the DS will be used as a alternate controller on the upcoming console? Quite likely.

Nintendo will launch the new system in Japan on March 2nd, priced at 16,800 Yen (118 Euro); which is marginally higher than the general retail price of the existing DS console at present. There are currently no release dates set for North America or Europe.


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The_Stig said:

I see Nintendo is doing the typical Sony approach to everything again, release the same thing just slimmer or more buttons etc. It really annoys me when companies do this, if they just made it the best they could in the first place, I'd be happy.

And how do Nintendo find time to make this, surely they should all be working on the Revolution



James2t3 said:

What i find strange is that they never do it for there home consoles, surly a redesighn would have helped the GC half way through its life. Glad the redesighn is coming anyway should help push the DS even further in the west.



Nanaki said:

Consoles have colours and add on's.
Personally I think the new design is ugly, I like the chunkier version.



Masterless said:

I'm not sure I like this. Obviously I haven't held it so can't say for sure but I like the DS now, its easy and confortable to hold for me, and isn't fiddly. I don't need it to fit in my shirt pocket or anything. I hope it won't replace the original and just be an alternative.



antdickens said:

I actually find the current design alittle awkward to hold, its not as comfy as it could be... I'll maybe pick up a "lite" sometime when the price is okay, or just test one...

I'd be tempted to switch if I prefer it, looks abit better too



Nanaki said:

The bottom screen is raised by the looks of things, that just doesnt look nice.
I also cant see how that will be any easier to hold really, its still simmilar.

Also they havnt confirmed it has GBA support yet.

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