The report covered by GamesIndustry.biz shows an overall market growth of 7% during the period Feburary to December 2005. Of the three main players Nintendo came out ontop with a 15% increase in value, Sony followed with a 7% rise and Microsoft muddled along with only a 1% gain.

This seems very healthy for Nintendo, as 2005 saw the release of the "quirky" Nintendo DS, the three main markets seem to have adopted it well, especially in Japan. We're hoping to see similar growth this year with the release of the Revolution.

The article also mentions some sluggish performence for the largest third party outlet, Electronic Arts.

"Things aren't looking so good for Electronic Arts, however - the publishing giant's market value fell by 17 per cent over the course of the year, dropping from USD 19.4 billion to USD 16.2 billion."

The performence of other companies are also mentioned such as Take Two, SCi, Edios and Namco.

[via gamesindustry.biz]