There was a blogging frenzy after National Geographic Kids magazine prints an article about the ways you can play certain games on the new Revolution controller.

"National Geographic Kids Magazine was invited by the Big N to test out the top-secret Revolution controller in Tokyo. The Revolution will be available later this year. You'll be able to use it with games you already have as well as with new games. Here are some old favorites and a few of the things you'll be able to do with this revolutionary new controller."

They go on to explain how you use two controllers as drum sticks for Donkey Konga, or swipe your controller to act as a sword in Zelda games.

Blogs around the web have taken this as fact and published their own articles stating the claims. We however weren't too sure, why would Nintendo reveal these exclusive facts to such magazine? The truth is, they didn't.

The good guys over at EuroGamer.net put these claims to Nintendo, only to get the following response.

"What the magazine has done is imagine how existing franchises would work with the Revolution controller, rather than actually seeing anything," a spokesperson told Eurogamer, adding: "It's all still speculation."

It only goes to show how readers should really be careful about what stories they believe when the source is unclear. Don't let yourself get too carried away.

[via news.google.com]