Shigeru Miyamoto steps into the spotlight again, this time talking to the UK's Maxim magazine about the egally awaited Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess game due for release later this year.

Maxim asked Miyamoto if he was ever "tempted to throw Nintendo's life-long family games policy out the window once in a while and whisk up titles with mature-rated content".

"I would say the games that we're working on now, like the new Zelda, Twilight Princess, has hardcore content. And if you look at the Revolution's controllers, there's a nunchaku-style controller expansion that's really well suited to first-person shooters."

We've always thought that Twilight Princess looked a lot more mature than some previous Zelda games, "The Wind Waker" being the obvious example. We hope Nintendo continue to do what they think works best for the game. We don't really want Link driving round New York running people over and shooting up the place do we?

[via computerandvideogames.com, jeux-france.com]