January 9th saw the US release of the first "buy online only" game by Nintendo, Electroplankton. This title is the latest work by world-renowned Japanese media artist Toshio Iwai. Nintendo describe the game as "A new interactive music and media experience awaits – watch it, touch it, listen to it ... and feel it."

"In Electroplankton, art and music collide to create a wildly fresh interactive audio experience. Players will encounter 10 unique species that respond to their touch and voice to create unforgettable sounds and melodies. Interacting with this wide and wild variety of Electroplankton is as simple as sliding the stylus across the touch screen. Toy with Tracy plankton and listen to their music as they swim along drawn lines. Players clap their hands or use their voices to lead a microscopic synchronized swimming team of Nanocarp. There are 10 fascinating plankton to play with in all."

Well, that sounds like erm... something. Actually, we're really eager to get our greasy fingers on this one, we really have no idea what to expect - It's something new in interactivity.

Keep your eyes perpetuity fixed on our RSS feeds waiting for that review.

[via store.nintendo.com]