Several gaming blogs have uncovered a mystery Nintendo catalog from yesteryear. "The World Of Nintendo" shows a huge collection of "Gear + Stuff" that your grubby Nintendo hands might of had way back when.

ProgressiveBoink.com have posted a "modified" edition of the catalog sourced from a 1990 issue of Nintendo Power magazine.

"Back in the days of the NES, Nintendo ruled. Period. You didn't play "video games", you played "Nintendo." And so when the more general retail stores began to cash in on the gaming craze, they didn't set up video game departments. They set up Nintendo departments. Entire sections devoted to a single company, stocked high with any piece of sh*t you can imagine with Mario or Little Mac or even just the Nintendo logo slapped on it. It's really rather frightening when you get into it; I was desperately seeking this kind of crap as a kid, and even I didn't know there was this much merchandise out there."

The catalog is rather frightening, in a McDonalds kinda way. Our beloved company seemed desperate to cash-in on pretty much ANY merchandise opportunity.

[via progressiveboink.com]