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Zelda Twlight Princess Playable At G.A.M.E Event

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Lucky visitors to the G.A.M.E event will get to be among the first to play the upcoming Zelda Gamecube game "Twlight Princess".

Finally news of some hope that Zelda will meet its current release date of "April 2006". The upcoming Nintendo developed game is set to appear at the G.A.M.E (Game and Music Experience) show over in the USA from December 2nd to 4th.

"The latest in one of gaming's most popular franchises will also set up shop at G.A.M.E. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, easily one of the most anticipated games of 2006, is making a rare public appearance at the event. This new Zelda adventure, not scheduled for release until April 2006 at the earliest, features an older Link and a darker presentation and storyline."

The event will showcase a bundle of other yet-to-be-released games, music and other lifestyle objects. As we're based in the UK, we've got no chance of making it to the event, so frankly we're not over excited about it. Anyone wanna shout us an airfare? Thought not.

Twlight Princess looks likly to be the sole remaining triple A title for the slowing Nintendo Gamecube. We'd expect work on another Zelda game has already entered development for the "Revolution" console. Infact, we expect Nintendo are always working on a new Zelda title. However, chances are that it won't make it as a launch title.

If your lucky enough to make it to the G.A.M.E event this weekend, tell us about it. Please?


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Nanaki said:

I hope the game is a long as they say. 60-100 hours for a Zelda would be phenominal.

I am happy waiting knowing that the end result is getting better with each passing day.



antdickens said:

Yeah, we have ETCS and stuff, but nothing really for the public.

Maybe we'll get Nintendo to do some kinda tour when Revolution comes out

As for Zelda, its the only think im really looking forward to until Revolution. Hopefully they wont delay it again and we'll get it in time for the summer. =)



Nanaki said:

That G.A.M.E show was awful. They played the E3 demo and the Nintendo rep kept calling the GC the N64.
I was quite dissapointed

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