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Wolfenstein Movie On The Way?

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Yet another game-to-movie transformation is apparently in the works, this time id Software's Wolfenstein will be coming to the big(er) screen.

With game-to-movie conversions becoming more common place, its not surprising that we have another series attempting to take the long journey to the silver screen.

id Software's Todd Hollenshead has recently said that the Wolfenstein brand could be turned into a movie, after the recent successful release of Doom.

In an interview with, Hollenshead stated: "Our next order of business is to try to get Wolfenstein made into a movie; I think it could make a very interesting film."

"Where we'd go from a movie standpoint would be to incorporate a lot of the elements from Return to Castle Wolfenstein along with what we're going to be doing in the next Wolfenstein game that we announced a few weeks ago," Hollenshead went on.

"It will probably have a little more similarity in terms of the direction of the movie script to the upcoming game."

We didn't bother reading the interview, so we're going to take EuroGamer's word for it. If the Doom movie is anything to go by, the "film makers" will completely change the story, ignore any decent charactors and only use 1 or 2 of the monsters.

For myself, game-movies are almost becoming a hobby. Ok, so generally they are pretty bad, but its still interesting to see our beloved games on the silver screen. We'll be keeping our nose in Hollywood in an attempt to sniff out upcoming game-movies. This is only the beginning Mr Cameron.


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Nanaki said:

In the entire history of everything there has only been one game-to-film conversion that is worthy of the game it originated from. That film of course is Final Fantasy VII : Advent Chilrdren (not Spirits within)



antdickens said:

Hee, maybe. I've liked a few of them, and hated others. Pretty much seems all game2film projects end up changing from the original too much. Hollywood just dont look at WHY the game was successful in the first place.

Oh well, It'll be an interesting few years, there are 10's of projects in the pipeline.



The_Stig said:

I'm sure it won't be no classic like House Of The Dead chuckles and prepares to get eggs thrown at me.

Peter Jackson's hash at Halo the film, maybe an interesting one.......

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