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Rumours Of Revolution Going "Gold".

Posted by Anthony Dickens

No, not in colour, but in the respect of it being ready for mass production.

Today the industry grape-vine is tasting a little bitter as lots of rumours fly around about the possibility of the upcoming Revolution console "going gold". This industry term, usually used for software, indicates when a piece of software is complete and ready for mass production.

"Thus, according to, who is citing Inside Gamer, is seems that Nintendo Revolution’s configuration is complete and the device is ready for mass production.

And since the release date for the Revolution is in May, that gives the Japanese manufacturers 5 months in order to manufacture enough consoles. Well, it’s hard to define "enough" in this case, as the success of Nintendo’s console is relatively uncertain, at this moment."

Pish posh, we've not bothered to look too deeply into this one, we'd just like to warn the gamers out there to be very wary of such claims made by online sites. Of course Nintendo will start production of the console before they announce the release date, but everything up to that announcement will be pure guess work.

We're expecting an official release date to be announced around the time of E3 in May.


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The_Stig said:

Hmm, sounds interesting, I still don't know 1 confirmed third party game, however, that could just be me :-/

Lots and lots of people are more interested in the Revolution, then PS3, So I reckon this generation should determine Nintendo's future in console making.

But having said that, I do believe Nintendo is the only company out of the 3 to make a profit



Nanaki said:

In Japan it should be a hit. Over here there is a lot against them, especially in the adult market. Given a few realistic (no Mario) Tennis and Golf games that make full use of the sensors then they will have huge sucess.



TKOWL said:

And in retrospect, it did. Wii is now one of the best-selling consles ever.

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