Japanese DS Sales Hit 5 Million

Just over 12 months were needed to sell over 5.4 million Nintendo DS units.

Reuters has today reported Nintendo's Satoru Iwata confirming that domestic sales of the DS portable game machine reached 5 million units in less than 13 months after its launch in early December 2004, becoming the fastest-ever pace in Japan's video game market.

Whatever the skeptics say about the Nintendo DS, whether it being about its "poor design" or "gimmicky," they certainly can't deny its success. Other systems, such as the Game Boy Advance, took over 14 months to reach the 5 million mark, and Sony's PlayStation 2 took over 17 months.

Hopefully we'll see much more innovative software from Nintendo over the next 13 months as support for the DS continues to grow. With instant classics such as Mario Kart DS, we wish the DS a very happy first birthday.

[via today.reuters.com]

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