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IGN "Reveal" Revolution Technical Specifications

Posted by Anthony Dickens today have posted details of what they think, from various sources, the Revolution technical specification might be.

Two lengthy news article on the IGN site over the past couple of days have indicated what we could expect from the upcoming Revolution console. The articles are sourced by asking a handful of developers what information they have on current, incomplete, Revolution development kits.

"Readers are advised to make two notes before continuing with this article. The first is that developers are still working with incomplete Revolution hardware. Most studios are, in fact, developing on "GameCube-based kits," according to major software houses we spoke to, which have asked to remain anonymous. The second is that developers are still without final specifications for Revolution's ATI-developed graphics chip, codenamed Hollywood."

The articles suggest that Revolution will in fact only be around 2 times more powerful than the current Gamecube. In reality, this is no great surprise, we already guessed Nintendo weren't wanting to compete with Sony or Microsoft on the "horsepower" front.

Instead Nintendo have focused on the controller, the input device, which arguably is the most important factor of gaming. There are a number of advantages for doing this, holding back on horsepower will enable Nintendo to release the console at a much much lower price, even as low as the $149 mark. This should bring in a lot more people, that maybe wouldn't of purchased a console before - Also, developers won't have to risk as much investment money into a new game. The downside however, less impressive graphics.

Is this a bad move by Nintendo? That depends on you, the gamer. Do you prefer super pretty graphics or a great control system? Somewhere in-between is always nice


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The_Stig said:

Apprantly the Revolution controller has another secret up it's sleeve.

I so cannot wait till the pre-E3 convention



Nanaki said:

Graphics mean less and less in consoles as they get better and better. When it was 16 bit stuff the jump to 3D was great, then even better 3D with the current generation rocked. But with the next generation games they have passed the point where how real they look boasts any extraoridinary leaps in gameplay. Graphics will be 'real' enough on the Revolution games for the player to enjoy, its the gameplay that needs new focus. The classic games are some of the most dated games now, graphics shouldnt be the forefront of a consoles features

I just hope that the price point wont be so low that people associate it with poor quality, I would say they have to launch at over £100 for the public to think about it.

They should use the GC controlers for games that have no use for the Rev's controler. Because lets face it, makers like EA are lazy and will not develop their multiformat games for the revs controler... mind you, who buys EA games?.

They probably have countless attachments already in development.. just imagine a Zelda, lets say with an Ocarina, where you can actually have an ocarina attachment and play the tunes yourself. The sky's the limit with the new controler...



The_Stig said:

Any news if the revolution will be HD compatible? Would be really something if it was.

I believe the controller we've seen, isn't going to be the only one for the revolution, it's probably only for there own games or someone who want an adventure, like you said Nanaki, EA are lazy and wouldn't use the controller to it's full potential.

But really I'm not into horsepower on consoles like I use to be, aslong as the games are fun and enjoyable, I certainly will be buying a revolution



Swiket said:

The Stig: I'm from the future (2009) and I can tell you it's not. Some news from the future:

  • Barack Obama, a black senator from Illinois, announced his candidacy, slogged through the longest Presidential campaign in American history, and was elected.
  • The iPhone was announced, released, and developed to the point where it could make fart noises
  • The world panicked over bird flu, calmed down, panicked over swine flu, and apparently dodged a bullet.
  • Windows Vista was released, sputtered a bit, and is now reaching the end of its life cycle.
  • Ehud Olmert came to power in Israel, pursued a war against Lebanon, and was succeeded by Netanyahu.
  • Michael Jackson died, which caused the Internet to explode with tweets (you'll find out what that is in 2006) and Google searches.


  • Swiket, 2009.

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