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    New 3DS

    Review Runbow Pocket Deluxe Edition

    Close, but not quite

    When Runbow released for the Wii U back in 2015, we praised it as one of the best games on the platform. Sadly, despite an excellent critical reception, the colourful platformer didn’t reach the audience it could have due to the Wii U’s limited install base.  13AM is aiming to share its opus with a different audience...

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  • Preview Going Hands On With the New Nintendo 2DS XL

    Nintendo's new "New" handheld

    At recent events in New York City and London we got to spend some time with Nintendo’s newly announced New 2DS XL. The announcement came as a surprise, as many were expecting Nintendo to let the 3DS go quietly into the night as the Switch came to replace it, putting to an end the company’s days of manufacturing...

Wednesday3rd May 2017

  • News Reggie Explains the Reasoning Behind the New 2DS XL

    "Boy, I wish there was something in between."

    We'll have to admit, when the announcement for the New 2DS XL came through, we had to double check our calendars to make sure it wasn't April 1st. After the massively successful launch of the Nintendo Switch, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that the 3DS would slowly but surely be put out to pasture,...

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    New Nintendo 3DS

    Review Lifespeed

    F-Zero meets Star Fox

    First announced in 2015, this promising futuristic racing game's been on the horizon for quite a while. Having seen its fair share of delays, it's now finally here. But has it proven worth the wait? Lifespeed wastes no time getting down to brass tacks, as after booting it up and reaching the main menu you'll be presented with...