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News: Twilight Princess To Surpass Every Expectation

Twilight Princess To Surpass Every Expectation

Zelda character designer says Twilight Princess "more than you could possibly ever, ever, ever expect".

Nintendo tease us, yet again, with some little bite-size slices of Twilight Princess information. Nintendo Power recently interviewed the game's character designer, Yoshiyuki Oyama, which has been transcribed by "Finally, no discussion of Twilight Princess's enemies can end..

News: Reggie's New Year Revolutions

Reggie's New Year Revolutions

Reggie tells how it is right now and how its gonna be for the rest of the year.

The media giant CNET recently caught up with Reggie Fils-Aime, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Nintendo America, and asked him about the company's plans for 2006. The lengthy interview talked about various aspects of Nintendo's future, including both the Revolution and Nintendo DS..

News: ATI Talks Revolution Graphics

ATI Talks Revolution Graphics

Revolution Report sit down with ATI to talk about the upcoming Hollywood graphics card.

The other day Revolution Report's Senior Editor, Shawn White, managed to snag an interview with ATI's Public Relations Manager, John Swinimer. ATI are responsible for the graphics card in the upcoming Nintendo Revolution, code-named "Hollywood", they also designed the Gamecube's graphics card, code-named..

News: Miyamoto Calls New Zelda Game "Hardcore"

Miyamoto Calls New Zelda Game "Hardcore"

Could The Twilight Princess be the most violent and dark Zelda game so far?

Shigeru Miyamoto steps into the spotlight again, this time talking to the UK's Maxim magazine about the egally awaited Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess game due for release later this year. Maxim asked Miyamoto if he was ever "tempted to throw Nintendo's life-long family games policy out the window once in a..

News: Nintendo Goes Back To Basics In 2006

Nintendo Goes Back To Basics In 2006

Shigeru Miyamoto speaks with Japanese favourite, Famitsu, about Odama and 2006.

The lord that is Miyamoto took time out of his busy schedule to reflect on the coming year with the Japanese magazine. He talked about modern games and how we need to recapture that original feeling we had when playing those NES games. "Nintendo's theme for 2006 will be 'Create new fun'. 'Spread the fun of games to..